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Concrete contractor spreading concrete for driveway repair in Lakeville

Floors and driveways

There are many reasons why concrete is fast becoming the preferred choice for driveways and flooring. Concrete has a longer lifespan compared to other options due to its durability and high resistance to weather damage, and it remains cool to the touch during the hot summer months. Today, when it comes to concrete, it's not all bland shades of grey and flat slab finishes. Colored concrete offers the traditional strength and functionality of concrete, along with a wide variety of colored dyes that enhance your home's exterior, while polished finishes look fantastic within your home.
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At Daymar Construction, Inc we also use concrete to create stunning hardscapes, adding a unique dynamic to any home or business. We can lay concrete for patios, fireplaces, steps and even sidewalks meandering through your garden. Speak to us about adding accents such as water fountains, cascades and other water features. We're happy to offer you advice on the right balance between concrete features and greenery for your outdoor space, and we use plywood to protect your yard from potential damage. Contact us today with any questions or for more information!

Concrete sealing

Although concrete offers longevity due to its remarkable durability and strength, concrete sealing is an added layer of protection to ensure you get the most out of your driveway, flooring, steps, sidewalks and garage floors. Sealant protects your concrete from oil, dirt, grease, water absorption and the wear and tear of high traffic areas. Concrete sealing enhances the effect of colored concrete and offers a smooth finish or high gloss factor.
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